Dominican Culture

First, we must remember, what is culture? To this we say that it is with us since we are born. Culture forms the essence of a region, it’s that intrinsic contribution that develops over the years, forms the moral of every country, involving society.

Witch thing composed Culture?

Some of the things that can be mentioned as parts of the culture of a place, region, state or country, which have emerged over time as a product of the thin and creativity of mankind are:

  • Parties
  • Commemorations
  • Traditions
  • Gastronomy
  • Dance
  • Music
  • Art
  • Literature
  • Language

Dominica Culture Characteristics

Dominican Republic is characterized by being the result of a fusion of three ethnic groups mainly, which came from Taina, Spain and Africa; but they also adopt elements of French, American and Italian cultures.

It can be said that one of the undoubted contributions of the tenors is language; many of the Dominican words are in this ethnic group. The greatest African influence can be seen in dance, music and songs, although popular music takes religion into account.

In general terms, the Dominican culture is characterized by:

  • Dominican families are under the patriarchal structure or figure.
  • Man is the basis and sustenance of the family.
  • Celebrations and family commemorations are appreciated.
  • Culture is the product of a mixture of ethnic groups from other regions of the world.

Dominican Holidays

When we talk about Dominican holidays and celebrations, we cannot forget the most outstanding ones without implying that the rest is less important. Among the festivities the following can be seen:

  • The Santo Cristo de Bayaguana (commemorated on January 1 of each year)
  • The traditional arrival of the Magi (January 5)
  • The Virgin of Altagracia (January 21)
  • The Carnivals (in February)
  • The Independence Day of the Dominican Republic (in February)

In the months of January and February, the most Dominicans celebrate their festivities, because they are of great importance for the region and its citizens, have become a culture, being days off and mostly non-working days for workers, speaking in this way of national holidays.

Dominican Gastronomy

Another aspect of Dominican culture is as mentioned above the cuisine that form part of the same cultural mix of Arab and Italian influences, the most typical dishes of the Dominican Republic are:

  • Rice with beans
  • Bolied
  • Roasted pork

Among the traditional drinks, they are mentioned:

  • Mabí: It’s a drink made from fermented of Indian Liana.
  • The frisking: it is lightly fermented and comes from the palm cache.

These drinks are originally from the Dominican Republic, there are other drinks that are common to find in the region such as guava berry, sangria, compile and dying dreams.

Dominican art and entertainer

Another  cultural influence is art and literature, have evolved with the different periods that have lived in the country, which have had slight changes. As for Dominican citizens, they develop a culture in society in which their priority is respect for the family, because for Dominicans the family structure must always be solid.

Now let’s take a moment to refer to the Dominican folkloric, represented mainly by the meringue, which is originally from the Republic, at the beginning the musicians and singer-songwriters represented this musical style with guitars, then accordions.

In the merging and with its three classical instruments we can appreciate the cultures that influenced the Dominicans, the accordion represents the Europeans, the drum to the Africans and the guitar the tuna.

You can also appreciate other musical styles such as: rap, Bachata, rock, ballad, and jazz, among others.

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