Dominican Food

First, we must know What is the gastronomy of a country? And what does it mean? The gastronomy refers to the culinary art, it’s to say, in the kitchen, the ingredients and where these arise, the ways in which certain dishes of food are usually prepared. Through this discipline different studies are carried out on foot, an example of this is knowing where they come from. Keep reading more about Dominican food.

Dominican Gastronomy

Throughout the years, gastronomy has been adopted as a kind of career and profession in which many people have stood out, leading to the creation of new delicacies of dishes that have often been transformed into typical dishes of a region. Gastronomy is changing, is not usually the same of each region or place in the world.

Now, what will be the most important dishes of Dominican cuisine? It is a very frequent question that we ask ourselves when we are visiting another country, because we do not want to leave without having tasted those delicacies of dishes. Among the Dominican food most enjoyable are:

The Sancocho

It is the main dish of the Dominican Republic. It is a soup with numerous vegetables and meats abound. But the sancocho for which the Dominicans are out of the ordinary is the traditional one of seven (7) types of meat of 4 different animals, to this the auyama is added, the roots and all kinds of vegetables.


It is a dish that is characterized by being unique to the Dominican Republic, in which its word is said to originate from Africa. It is traditionally served with scrambled eggs, fried salami and fried cheese, it is another dish for breakfast but many of the Dominicans usually eat it at dinner.

White Rice

As in all countries there are many dishes in which the main base is composed of rice is characterized by being a loose rice, well cooked but not soft, usually usually accompanied by the Dominicans with stewed beans, chicken or beef. and salad.

Habichuelas Guisadas

It is a dish rich in proteins, which is why it is abundant in the houses of the Dominicans. The stewed beans usually accompany the white rice, it is an usual lunch for the inhabitants of the Dominican Republic.

Chicken Stew

It is common to many countries, it is served with white rice and it is part of the ingredients of the Dominican Flag, as many of the same Dominicans are said, its sauce is in the style of each person.

Green Salad

Traditionally made with green vegetables such as lettuce, cucumber, broccoli, cilantro, cabbage, etc; the other ingredients are usually to the taste of those who prepare them.

The famous tostones

It is a typical food in Dominican as in any part of the world. They are made from green banana, which is sliced, crushed and then fried.

Sweet Beans

It is a traditional dish especially in the time of Lent, it is a dish that leaves the imagination for those who make it because each family has its own way and style to prepare them.

Dominican Biscuit

It is a cake like any other that is characterized or differentiated from others by being filled with an incomparable pineapple cream that melts the palate of anyone.

Other Dominican Food


We can say that the aforementioned, are some of the dishes that we can traditionally find on the table of any Dominican. However, it should be noted that they are not the only ones, there are endless dishes that we will mention below:

• Aubergines stewed with pork
• Coconetes
• Moro-Locrio de Lacón y Habichuelas negras
• Baked Kipe
• Corn chocolate
• Zapote Smoothiesb
• Yucca with garlic sauce

These are the dishes and sweets rich in nutrients, its preparation is not complicated and are usually made to the taste and manner of preparation of each of the Dominican.

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