Dominican Holidays

As in any place of the world there are holidays in which the citizens of the place, region or country take a break in their jobs and normally perform certain activities to celebrate the festive dates, Dominican Republic is not the exception to it.

Remember that these days represent a non-working day, the holiday is usually a date marked on the calendar in a special way in which traditionally is not working. This kind of day usually refers not only to celebrations of a cultural nature but also of a religious, political and historical nature; normally they are marked by the legislations of each country.

The authorities knowing that one day must be commemorated because it is important for the population, no matter what the day (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday), they fix a certain date in the calendar so that the citizens join the celebrations or commemorations of which they are treated; acquiring in this way their character of nonworking, otherwise it could not be categorized those days as holidays.

In the Dominican Republic, the Dominican citizen regardless of the reason to celebrate is by nature an excellent demonstrator of festive spirit, currently the Dominican Republic celebrates with great enthusiasm religious, cultural and historical events. Among the most outstanding festivities are:


The day of the virgin of Altagracia

Considered as the protector of the Dominicans, this devotion begins when from Spain they brought to the Dominican Republic a painting with the image of the Virgin of Altagracia painted in oil, belonging to the group of the first European settlers of the island.

The Dominican carnival

Carnival is the time more desired by many of the Dominicans. It is full of color, fun, music and the diversity of costumes witch fall in love with the spectators. Among the characters that can be seen more frequently are:

  • The Diablos Conjuelos
  • The Robalagallina
  • Dying Rebeca
  • The Calife

It is important to emphasize that although it is celebrated on the same date in which the Independence of the Dominican Republic is commemorated, it does not interrupt the celebration of the latter.

The day of the Dominican restoration

In the years 1863 to 1865 there was a war of restoration between Dominicans and Spaniards, resulting in an evident victory for the Dominican citizens causing the withdrawal of all Spanish troops. On this date it is usually the inauguration of the new president of the Dominican Republic after being elected.

National Independence

It held on February 27 of each year. This event was in 1844 when the country was able to become independent from the Spanish colony and thus acquire the name of the Dominican Republic.

Previously we highlighted the most important holidays for Dominicans, days that undoubtedly have signed an impressive way to the country and cannot pass without being remembered. Now we show you below a table with the festive dates in the Dominican Republic:


Holidays Commemoration
January 01 New Year
January 9 Day of the Holy Kings
January 21st Day of Our Lady of Altagracia
January 30 Day of Duarte
February 27 Independence Day
April 14 Good Friday
May 1st Labor Day
June 15 Corpus Cristi
August 14 Restoration Day
September 24 Mercedes Day
November 6 Constitution Day
December 25th Christmas


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