Dominican Republic Beaches

Dominican Republic is surrounded by an immensity of Caribbean beaches. Its crystal clear turquoise waters, its soft sand like talcum, its water extensions are the best, what makes this country, is the most coveted place by tourists in the world. Among its best beaches are:

Bavaro Beach

Located in La Altagracia, it is one of the most famous beaches in the Dominican Republic. It was declared by UNESCO as one of the largest and best beaches in the world. It is part of the beach that is called La Costa of Coco. Without a doubt, you cannot miss this magical and paradisiacal beach.

Beach of Samana

It is located on a peninsula northwest of the Dominican Republic. Its beaches are composed of fine white sand, with crystal clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean with unparalleled attractions that make your stay in time of pleasure.

Bayahibe Beach

In the province of La Romana, this beach is very coveted by buyers, has large areas of coral that have become a great attraction for all visitors. This beach is ideal to relax.

Boca Chica Beach

It is located 10 minutes from Santo Domingo. Its waters are a little deep, serene and crystalline. Near this paradisiacal beach there is a half circle shaped reef that protrudes from the water, creating a kind of natural pools, extending from one end of the beach to the other where you can see different fish.

Macao Beach

It is located north of Bávaro, this beach is full of a tree of nature composed of numerous palm trees that extend around it, currently has no hotels in front of it but in its vicinity. Due to the density of its waters, it is an ideal beach for surfing.

Dominicus Beach

It is located in the province of La Altagracia, its waters come from the Caribbean Sea, used for its habitants to practice all kinds of water sports.

Cabeza de Toro Beach

It is called this way because its shape is very similar to the Head of a Bull. It is said that it is known as the place where the sun is born, its waters are like the whole cast are always crystalline, its sands are white. It is composed by an extension of palms and coconut trees that allow sharing under its leaves.

Playa de Arena Gorda

It is north of Punta Cana, with this spectacular beach that enhances tourism in the Punta Cana area, like all beaches in the Dominican Republic, and its sand is fine and white, with crystal clear, turquoise waters. Ideal for practicing all kinds of water sports since it has a high and chunky surf.

Big Beach

It is one of the most visited beaches of the Dominican Republic, as its name indicates it is one of the longest beaches on the coasts of the country, its sand is fine with a color that reflects the sun denotes a golden.

West Beach

Its Caribbean waters are spectacular, it dazzles its inhabitants, it is a beach that is covered by nature, at present it does not have a commercial exploitation, it does not have hotel constructions, it only has an atmosphere of rest under the clouds, water, and sand and coconut trees.

Beach Entrance

It has a unique vegetation, this is on the edge of the road, but is covered by its own vegetation, which makes it not very appreciated by those who are not. There are no hotel networks on this beach, just some food stalls located along the length of the beach. However, it is a great choice to enjoy its waters on weekends and holidays or simply on occasions when we want to get out of the routine and rest a bit.

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