Dominican Republic Zip Code

The zip codes of the Dominican Republic are endless, fashion and the city. Let’s first define what is a zip code? To which we respond, it is the result of a combination and / or numbers that identify a person, which allows operations of things or products to be handled.


Zip codes

We can say that the postal code has the purpose of determining or assigning the different zones in the country. Among the zip code mentioned in the Dominican Republic, are the following:

  • Centro de los Heroes: it’s zip code is 10101
  • Mata Hambre: it’s zip code is 10102
  • Zona Universitaria: it’s zip code is 10103
  • University City: it’s zip code is 10105
  • El Manguito and La Esperilla, postal code is 10108
  • The ambassador: it’s postal code is 10110
  • Beautiful view: it’s code is 10112
  • Mirador Norte: it’s code is 10114
  • The provinces of Atala, El Portal and Rocamar: it’s postal code corresponds to the number 10115
  • Ciudad Gandera: it’s code 10116
  • The provinces of Antilla, Costa Brava and Cacique: it’s postal code is the corresponding to the denomination of 10118
  • Olympic Center: it’s zip code corresponding to 10122
  • Lopez de Vegas: it’s zip code 10125
  • Carmelita: it’s code is 10128
  • Fernandez Urbanization: it’s code is 10129
  • Julieta Morales: it’s postal code is 10130
  • San Geronimo being: it’s zip code 10134
  • Modern City:  it’s code is 10135 as well as Las Praderas urbanization.
  • Manganese: it’s zip code is 10138
  • The millions: it’s zip code is 10139
  • Distribution Aguedita (gazcue): it’s Postal Code is the one corresponding to the denomination 10218
  • The provinces of La Fuente, María Auxiliadora and San Martín de Porres: it’s code corresponds to article 10302
  • The provinces of 27 de Febrero and Agua Dulce: it’s postal code is number 10305
  • Villa Consuelo: it’s postal code is 10305
  • Ensanche Espaillat: it’s postal code is 10402
  • Simón Bolívar being: it’s zip code 10405
  • Capotillo: it’s code is 10407
  • Villas Agricolas: it’s zip code is 10410
  • El Ensanchito: it’s code corresponding to 10411
  • The sectors of Cristo Rey, El Caliche and Trueva: have an identical postal code, it’s number is 10411
  • Cuesta Hermosa III: it’s code is 10504
  • Arroyo Manzano, Buena Vista, Cuesta Brava, Fundación and La Meseta: have a postal code corresponding to the number 10505
  • Lomas de Arroyo Hondo: it’s code is 10507
  • The sectors of Pino, Aldora and Los Pinos:  have a postal code of enumeration 10508
  • La angustinita: it’s zip code is 10509
  • Ensanche Kennedy: it’s code are numbered 10512
  • Widen the Faith: it’s code 10514
  • The cement company: has a postal code number 10516
  • Los Proceres with a zip code 10601
  • Hills of the Seminary with an enumeration code 10606
  • Beautiful Prairie with a postal code of enumeration 10608 as well as Villa Elena and Villa Marina.


As we can see in the previous wording, we find an endless number of places in this republic that allows for different characteristics and codes. Keep in mind that some codes may be missing, however, we have covered a large part of them.

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