Places to visit in Dominican Republic

When we want to venture on a trip, to know some cultures, their histories and the surprising regions of some place of the world, many people usually choose Dominican Republic. This country is a part of the most coveted destinations of the Caribbean, since it has a tropical climate. And of course this is an excellent option to take a bath on the beaches. But also we can just visit the national parks and museums of the Dominican Republic. The true is that there are much places to visit in Dominican Republic.

It is also a country that provides support for the reunions of merchants or investors, often taking the Dominican Republic as the best option for conventions. However, moving away from this and leaving us for its extraordinary places, I dare to make a summary of the places you should know if you come to Dominican. Keep reading and know 8 places to visit in Dominican Republic


Waterfall Salto del Limón

One of the mos impressive places to visit in Dominican Republic is the Waterfall Salto del limon. It is a beautiful waterfall that we can visti in the province of Samana and Terrenas. The Salto del Limón Waterfall is one of the most coveted baths for hikers with approximately 40 meters high.

Among the activities most performed by its visitors are:

  • Horseback riding through all the green areas surrounding the waterfall
  • Observe the beautiful landscapes and the beautiful birds that inhabit the place
  • And it is ideal to take a bath and relax in the splendid waters of the place.


Catalina Island

It forms one of the Islands of the Caribbean Sea, located in the south of the province of La Romana, ideal for those who want a moment of relaxation. On the island you can enjoy activities such as: diving and snorkeling, because its waters are crystal clear and blue, full of beautiful corals and glistening marine species that give a unique color to the waters, which makes it attractive perfect for visitors.


The pyramids

The pyramids are one of the places to visit in Dominican Republic that you ca not miss. They are located in the National Park of Valle Nuevo where pyramids are found, it is ideal for those who like to have contact with the environment, you can see numerous colorful birds that shine in passing; You can have simple walks with your family, partner or friends and you can even go camping, leaving this way you can freely enjoy nature and all its wonders.



 This town is in the province of La Altagracia just one hour and 40 minutes from the capital of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo, where we find numerous beaches of the Caribbean Sea, in which many say that the so-called Dominicus Beach stands out, for its beautiful waters crystalline, full of a blue color that dazzles.


Cayo Arena

The Cayo Arena is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Dominican Republic. It is in front of Puerto Plata in Punta Rusia, it is one of the most paradisiacal placesto visit in Dominican Republic, being a paradise of the Caribbean it is very visited by the tourists of the world, in this key you can appreciate infinite aquatic species and big corals and beautiful.


Basilica Cathedral Our Lady of La Altagracia

The inhabitants of the Dominican Republic are really devotees and believers of the Virgin of La Altagracia, it is also known as the Higüey Basilica. Our Lady of La Altagracia, considered the mother of Dominicans, is celebrated every January 21st.


Las Terrenas

It is located in the Samaná peninsula where you can enjoy beautiful beaches of fine white sand, turquoise waters, the most important beaches of this region can be mentioned: Las Terrenas Beach, Cason Beach, Poppy Point, beautiful beach and beach the whales. Tourism has evolved over the years, creating a wide network of hotels giving guests comfort in their time of stay in Las Terrenas.


Eagles Bay

The last but not the least places to visit in Dominnican Republic is the Eagles Bay. It a Bay on the Caribbean Sea, worldwide is listed as one of the most beautiful and crystalline existing beaches, belonging to the province of Perdenales and

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