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The country´s progress depends on the quality of its education, and the universities fulfill a fundamental role in this purpose. In Dominican Republic there is public education, with the aim of providing the opportunity of studies to people with low economic resources; however, the Universities are mostly private. Keep reading and know everything about the Universities in Dominican Republic.


The best Universities in Dominican Republic

The academic quality offered by the universities in Dominican Republic is quite high and competitive at a regional level. Then we will show you all information about the best universities in Dominican Republic.


Autonomous University of Santo Domingo

This University was created in 1866 under the name of Professional Institute. However, in 1914 it was renamed with its real name. This is the most prestigious university in the country, and has an agreement with universities abroad.

This University is considered as the oldest in the American continent, It is the heir in a certain way of the University Santo Tomás de Aquino, which was a convent of the Dominicans with a decree of Pope Paul III in the year 1538. However, there is a controversy that it is not the oldest University in America, because the Papal decree was made official 20 years later by the Kingdom of Spain.

It offers a wide variety of careers in diferent areas, such as Pure Sciences, Economic, Social, Educational, Health, Agronomic, Legal and other areas such as Engineering, Art and Architecture.

Location: Headquarters in Santo Domingo, with regional presence in 18 provinces of the Dominican Republic.


Pontifical Catholic University (PUCMM)

It is a university that imparts knowledge since 1962. It was founded by the Dominican Episcopate, the objective of the Episcopate with this University was to contribute to the development of the Dominican Republic, which by that time was beginning in democracy after 30 years of dictatorship.

This is the first private university created in the country. Currently it is positioned among the best universities in the Dominican Republic, and it offers 25 races.

Location: It has presence in Santiago (Headquarters), Santo Domingo and Puerto Plata


Santo Domingo Institute of Technologic

It is a private institution founded in 1972. It first emerged as an institution to provide post-graduate studies, but in 1974 the undergraduate academic program was implemented. This institution graduates professionals from diferent areas, such as Pure Sciences, Environmental, Health, Social and Humanistic, also careers such as Engineering, Economics and Business.

It has a high prestige, since the graduates of this institution have exceptional professional qualities. The university has agreements with other academic institutions.

Location: Santo Domingo


Higher Institute of Agriculture (ISA)

It is a public institution, which was founded in 1962 by APEDI, with national support from the Dominican Republic government and international from USAID. The objective was to respond to the situation of the country for that time, where the economy was supported mainly by the agriculture, and the country was 75% rural.

It wanted to create an institution of studies that would focus on the economic current of the country for that date, which was agriculture. He currently offers studies in Social Sciences, and the traditional area of ​​Agri-Food Sciences.

Location: Santiago


National Technological University (UNNATEC)

It is a university that started academic activities in 2004. It has a great academic quality, and this has increased its prestige in such a short time. The disadvantage is that its academic offer is limited, only ​​Sciences and Technology.

Location: Santo Domingo


List of all Universities in Dominican Republic

There is the complete list of universities in Dominican Republic with their respective location:


Location: Santo Domingo
  Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD) (Public)
 Latin America School of Social Sciences (FLACSO) (Public)
 Barna Business School
 National Institute of Science (INCE)
 Universal Technology Institute (INSUTEC)
 Oscus San Valero Technical High School
 Technological Institute of Americas (ITLA)
 Technological Institute of Santo Domingo (INTEC)
University APEC (UNAPEC)
Catholic University of Santo Domingo (UCSD)
East Central University (UCE)
Dominican Central Uni. of Prof. Studies (UCDEP)
Caribbean University
University’s Dominican-American Cultural Inst.
O&M Dominican University(UDOYM)
Eugenio M. of Hostos University (UNIREMHOS)
Felix Adam Experimental University (UNEFA)
Pontificial Catholic University (PUCMM)
F. Henriquez and Carvajal University (UFHEC)
Ibero American University (UNIBE)
Inter American University (UNICA)
Evangelical National University (UNEV)
P. Henriquez Ureña National University (UNPHU)
National Technological University (UNNATEC)
Dental Dominical University (UOD)
Dominican Industrial Psychology University (UPID)
Technological University of Santiago (UTESA)
Open University for Adults
Location: Azua
Technological University of  the South (UTESUR)
Location: Duarte
Catholic University of Northeast (UCNE)
Location: Espaillat
Federico Henríquez y Carvajal University (UFHEC)
Location: La Romana
Federico Henríquez y Carvajal University (UFHEC)
Location: La Vega
Agroforestry University
Catholic and Technological University of Cibao (UCATECI)
Location: M. Trinidad Sánchez
Open University for Adults
Location: Monseñor Nouel
Adventist University of Dominican Republic (UNAD)
Location: Peravia
Federico Henríquez y Carvajal University (UFHEC)
Location: Santiago
 Pontifical Catholic University (PUCMM)
 Open University for Adults
Evangelical National University (UNEV)
Technological University of Santiago (UTESA)
Location: San Cristóbal
Loyola Polytechnical Institute (IPL)
Eugenio María de Hostos University
Evangelical National University (UNEV)
Location: San Pedro Macoris
Central Eastern University
Location: Sánchez Ramírez
Technological Institute of the Cibao Oriental
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